Anonymous asked:
I would tell you but you refuse to talk to me.

who is it? why not tell me.

Anonymous asked:
you should move back to kc. i missed out on my chance and i think i deserve one. i miss you saybay.

? Who is this.. 

Anonymous asked:
whats your facebook url? I want to add you!

No anon

Anonymous asked:
i hate you but i miss you at the same time. what to do what to do

Hmm that sucks. You could GTFO? :) 

Anonymous asked:
So if you and casimera are just friends does it bother you she's fucking Sam Marr and some of your other close friends?

Lol nope not at all. Ive moved on, so has she. I could care less if she was a prostitute 

Keep Floatin

Life ain’t what it seems
These the thoughts weed pull outta me
Blow through a thousand trees
The whole entire crowd could see
Living in what seems to be fiction, I’m on a balcony
I light one up, this for those who ever doubted me
Than light another, this for those who hold it down for me
Passing around the weed, no problems at all
And you haters keep on hating, I ain’t talking to ya’ll

tokenchild asked:
Its cool that you only say something about Ashley being baddass. Hello? Do you know me? I'm basses too. That's why Ashley and I are best friends, Assshole. (:

Lololol i figured i didnt have to say anything about you being badass, Because your Casimera and you know your Badass. 

Interviews are like confessions get the fuck out up out my bedroom confusing me with questions

Are you high righ now
Do you love this shit?
Are you single
I heard you fucked that bitch is it true
You gettin money
You think them niggas you with is with you?

And I say

hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
Fucking right fucking right alright?

tumblrcutie-pie asked:
hey will you submit your cute face to my blog, I'll appreciate it <3

Of course!

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